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March 23, 2018
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Meeting Agendas & Minutes  
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The meeting was called to order at 8:02 pm.
The meeting was attended by all common council members, corporation council, and Chairman of the Board of Ethics Charlie Valenti.
The first topic was Board of Ethics, and the request by them to add a clause into the city code affording them an opportunity to seek outside counsel to render an opinion if an occasion arises when corporation counsel would be conflicted.  This clause would be a vehicle for the board to approach the common council for approval to finance such a request, thru outside services or shared services if possible.  It would be at counsel determination to be needed, and to formulate a funding source to cover any said expenses.  This was agreed on by the attendee’s and the changes will be formulated by corporation counsel for a vote at the next council meeting.
The second topic in the committee meeting was the condition of the fire hydrants in the city.  This has been a topic of discussion in the past and in a reoccurring theme from residents.  Unfortunately the fire chief and commissioner of public works were not able to attend the meeting.  It was agreed by all that we submit some of the questions brought up, to them, so that we may continue this discussion at a later date.  I will get this list of questions out to the chief and commissioner under separate memo, and copy all.
The third topic for the committee was legislation regarding boarding houses in the city.  Now that we have rid the city of one of the worst “houses in the city”  the committee would like to strengthen the code regarding these type of properties.  Corporation council advised that a small tweak of the code, forcing any future boarding house business to go through the special use permitting process, and zoning and planning would provide us with the protection we are looking for.  It is the opinion of the committee and council for that matter,  that the city does not have a need for more boarding houses.  Corporation counsel will work on the tweaking of legislation so that we can vote on it at the next council meeting.
The meeting closed at 8:55 pm.
Fred Turcotte

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