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Common Council  
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Common Council Proceeding

Common Council Chambers

City Hall

Cohoes, New York   12047









March 25, 2008, 7:00 p.m.





$   Roll Call

$   Approve minutes of February 26 meeting

$   Public hearing regarding Local Law No. 1-I

$   Local Law No. 1-I - Supersede Section C3-9 of the Charter relative to the sale and transfer of City-owned real property

$   Resolution No. 7 - Authorize Mayor to file an application under the Community Development Block Grant Program and accept and receive a grant for Community Development purposes

$   Resolution No. 8 - Approve award of a contract for pump stations

$   Resolution No. 9 - Approve award of City’s excess workers; compensation insurance contract

$   Ordinance No. 3 - Authorize General Obligation Bonds not to exceed $1,150,000 to finance the pump station replacement and improvements project

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