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Common Council Proceeding
Common Council Chambers
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December 23, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

  • Roll Call
  • Approval of minutes of November 11, 2008, meeting
  • Public hearing regarding Local Law No. 9-I
  • Local Law No. 9-I - Amend Code regarding the Residences at Lexington Hill Planned Development District
  • Resolution No. 62 - Designate depositories for funds
  • Resolution No. 63 - Approve City’s insurance contracts
  • Resolution No. 64 - Levy City and County taxes for 2009
  • Resolution No. 65 - Approve sale of City-owned real property
  • Resolution No. 66 - Amend annual budget
  • Resolution No. 67 - Approve inter-municipal agreement with City of Troy
  • Resolution No. 68 - Refer application of Krug Builders to amend existing Planned Development District to the Planning Board
  • Resolution No. 69 - Support application for Local Government Efficiency Grant Program for a consolidation planning grant
  • Ordinance No 12 - Amend Code and add to Chapter 280 regarding water and sewer consumption
  • Ordinance No. 13 - Amend Code regarding Residential Occupancy Permit fees
  • Local Law No. 10-I - Amend Code with respect to preliminary site plan application fee requirement and fines for violating the Chapter
  • Local Law No. 11-I - Add to Code regarding grade alteration fee requirements
  • Local Law No. 12-I - Amend Charter regarding salary of Traffic Chairperson
  • Local Law No. 13-I - Acceptance of credit cards as means of payment of fines, fees, taxes, and amend Code regarding payment of taxes
  • Local Law No. 14-I - Amend Code regarding maintenance of sidewalks

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