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Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 7:00 P.M.

Special Meeting

Common Council Chambers

Mayor McDonald led in the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:05 PM

Roll call was taken:

PRESENT:       Mayor McDonald                                 EXCUSED:      NONE

Council President Primeau                               

Council Member Kennedy

Council Member Turcotte

Council Member Nolin

Council Member Ceccucci

Council Member Signoracci

Council President Primeau, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Nolin, Ceccucci, and Signoracci introduced Resolution No. 47 for the year 2009



Mayor McDonald, “This is to approve a contract for engineering services.  This is a contract for $802,555.00, which has been reviewed and approved by New York State DOT.  The contract is going to Clough, Harbour and Associates for engineering services for construction inspection of the project.  DOT has signed off and approved this contract.  This is based on what they use as guidelines for construction inspection projects, of a project such as the Bridge Avenue Bridge”.

Council Member Ceccucci, “Mayor, doesn’t this come out to be about 10% of the original project cost?”

Mayor McDonald, “It actually comes out to be a little bit more, Ed and I had a conversation with DOT because, traditionally, professional services such as Architects or Engineers work on a percentage of the job.  We are being reimbursed 100%, but it is still taxpayers’ dollars.  DOT has reviewed CHA’s proposal, based on the amount of work that they propose to do.  There is an approved rate that the State sets, usually on an annual basis, so they apply the number that the State sets, not what Clough, Harbour say’s they want, but what the State say’s they are going to get paid per hour.  Then they set the score of the whole project, how many man-hours are going to be spent on each phase.  The whole plan is submitted to DOT; they review it, and say, this is what is expected throughout the course of the project.  DOT goes through and reviews the entire process throughout the whole project, they will have an infield engineer as well, that will be working with and have over sight of CHA Engineers.

Council Member Ceccucci, “Will they report back to us?”

Mayor McDonald, “Clough Harbour, daily will be having conversations on the project.  We will have a kick off meeting within the next week or so, to make sure all the paper work is in order, and then we will have weekly project meetings.  Representatives from the City, depending on what is going on, will attend.  Clough Harbour is being hired to represent the City with the contractor and the multiple subs.

A roll call vote was taken, Council President Primeau, and Council Members, Kennedy, Turcotte, Nolin, Ceccucci, and Signoracci voted “AYE”.  Resolution No. 47 for 2009 was passed. 

Council President Primeau, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Nolin, Ceccucci, and Signoracci introduced Resolution No. 48 for the year 2009


Mayor McDonald, “This was approved by the Board of Managers earlier today, DOT has approved the project and agreed with the recommendation from CHA, that ING Civil, which was the low bidder of the five received, should be awarded a contract for $6,660,000.00.  Ed Tremblay, Director Community Development, has been gathering all of the necessary information.  CHA has provided an analysis of the bids.  We have a total of $9.1M allocated for this project through stimulus. 

Council Member Signoracci, “Seeing that we are using the word “re-imbursed”, and I know that Stimulus is picking up 100% of the project, will the City need to take out a Bond to cover the costs?”

Mayor McDonald, “We may have to take some short term notes out, now that we have a contractor, they will be submitting and updating their schedule to us, we will compare that with our cash flow analysis, more than likely we will do some type of short term borrowing.  We will ask our Finance Consultant to review and identify what the minimum amount we will need to take out to get through the cost of the project”.

Council Member Signoracci, “Interest would accrue on that note, would that be picked up by the stimulus?”

Mayor McDonald, “No, it would not”.

Council Member Signoracci, “The City would pick up any interest?”

Mayor McDonald, “We will have some costs, that is why we have about $120 -150 thousand dollars left on the Bridge Avenue from the 2005 Bond, we will use to pay off that, and whatever is left we will use to pay off any debt retirement of that note”.

Council Member Turcotte, “How is the re-imbursement process going to work?”

Mayor McDonald, “Contractor incurs costs upfront, after 30 days they will submit a bill to CHA, who will review and approve payment, then send it to us.  We will send it to the State; probably 60-90 days later, we will get paid.”

Council Member Turcotte, “After we get started, we will have some cash flow coming back in that we can fund the rest of the project”.

Mayor McDonald, “We will have some, but the question is how quick/slow will it come?  I don’t see the State delaying the process, money is in their coffers.”

Council Member Signoracci, “The cost of the shuttle, is this being picked up under the stimulus?”

Mayor McDonald, “Yes”.

Council Member Ceccucci, “What is the anticipated start date of this project?”

Mayor McDonald, “We have some issues to resolve, before the preconstruction meeting, I would like to think by the first week of August.  The bridge should come down as soon as possible.”

Council Member Ceccucci, “How long is it going to take?”

Mayor McDonald, “We think November 2010.  We are trying to avoid pouring concrete in the late fall, early spring.  We want to make sure it cures properly.  It depends on how well the contractor can coordinate the project”.

Council Member Ceccucci, “Is there a projected completion date?”

Mayor McDonald, “No, there is not a deadline”.

Council Member Nolin, “The additional turning lane onto Ontario St., will that be completed prior to closing the bridge?”

Mayor McDonald, “That is one of the first items being started.  That should be done by the end of August.  It has to be done before the bridge comes down”

A roll call vote was taken, Council President Primeau, and Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Nolin, Ceccucci, and Signoracci voted “AYE”.  Resolution No. 48 for 2009 was passed. 

At 7:25 PM, with no further business to come before the Council, Council Member Signoracci made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Council Member Turcotte.  All members voted “AYE”.


                                                                                        Lori A. Yando, City Clerk

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