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Tuesday, October 23, 2012 - 7:00 P.M.
Regular Meeting
Common Council Chambers
Mayor McDonald led in the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:03 PM
Roll call was taken
PRESENT:      Mayor McDonald                               EXCUSED:     Council President Primeau
Council Member Kennedy
Council Member Turcotte
Council Member Nolin
Council Member Ceccucci
Council Member Signoracci
Council Member Nolin made a MOTION to approve the minutes from the August 28, September 25, and October 10, 2012 meetings.  Council Member Signoracci seconded the motion.  All members voted “AYE”.  The motion passed.
At 7:04 PM a Public Hearing was conducted regarding the proposed 2013 Budget.
Mayor McDonald, “This was presented at the last workshop, since that time we were at one Community Group already and have another one scheduled.  Hopefully the budget will be passed at the November Common Council.  There are no increases in the water/sewer rate and no layoffs are planned”.
George Hebert, 40 Masten Ave., “My main concern is with Department of Public Works.  Two years ago we were hammered hard with snow.  The department had a hard time keeping up.  If we get the same kind of winter are we prepared to handle it?”
Mayor McDonald, “We have to work with what we have.  If there is an emergency we will hire a private contractor or seasonal employees if needed.  No matter how much we are prepared; there is always the possibility of equipment failure.  We have replaced a lot of equipment.  Our employees always give 110% effort, for which I am extremely proud.  We have a handful of people to call on if needed.”
George Hebert, “Do we have a reliable contractor lined up?”
Mayor McDonald, “We don’t have contracts executed, but we do have contractors available.”
With no more public comment, at 7:11 PM, Council Member Turcotte made a MOTION to close the public hearing.  Seconded by Council Member Ceccucci.  All members voted “AYE”.
Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Nolin, Ceccucci, and Signoracci introduced Resolution No. 59 for 2012
A roll call vote was taken, Council Members Kennedy, Turcotte, Nolin, Ceccucci, and Signoracci voted “AYE”.  Resolution No. 59 for the year 2012 passed.  A copy of budget transfers are attached.
George Hebert, 40 Masten Ave., “Thank you to everyone for an outstanding job.”
At 7:18 PM, Council Member Turcotte made a MOTION to adjourn; Council Member Kennedy seconded the motion.  All members voted “AYE”.  The meeting was adjourned.
Lori A. Yando, City Clerk

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