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Common Council  
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Common Council Meeting
Common Council Chambers
City Hall
Cohoes, New York   12047
April 25, 2017, 7:00 p.m.


  • Roll Call
  • Approve minutes of the March 28, 2017 Meeting
  • Report from Garry Nathan regarding MS4 Stormwater
  • Ordinance No. 1 – An Ordinance amending Chapter 107, Article I, Section 107-1 of the City Code regarding dogs and cats
  • Resolution No. 22 – A Resolution designating the municipal work at 319 Vliet Blvd. (Tax Map No. 10.10-1-1) as a SEQRA Type II Action
  • Resolution No. 23 – A Resolution correcting a Resolution appointing a member to the Board of Ethics
  • Resolution No. 24 – A Resolution approving the settlement of an Article Seven tax assessment proceeding regarding 31 Ontario Street (Tax Map No. 11.62-1-4.1)
  • Resolution No. 25 – A Resolution authorizing the implementation, and funding in the first instance, of 100% of the Federal-Aid and State-Aid eligible costs of a transportation Federal-Aid project and appropriating funds therefor
  • Resolution No. 26 – A Resolution amending the annual budget for fiscal year 2017
  • Resolution No. 27 – A Resolution designating the municipal work at West End Park and Lansing Park as a SEQRA Type II Action.
  • Resolution No. 28 – A Resolution designating the City for approval of municipal work at City Hall, 97 Mohawk Street and a web portal for the Cohoes Senior Center Building
  • Public comment

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