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Melissa Ashline-Heil

  • For building permits- please call Patty at 233-2127
  • For MRI and ROP information- please call Julie at 233-2121 ext. 217
  • For Section 8 tenants- please call 233-2128 to leave a message
  • For utility markings, traffic requests or street closures- please call Terry at 233-2139

Own a rental property?  The City of Cohoes requires residential occupancy permits (ROPs) every three years or with every change in tenancy.  Inspection of each rental unit costs $40.  Contact the Treasurer’s Office at 233-2111 to schedule your inspection.


We have identified typical categories of work, issues and treatments that occur in historic preservation projects, as well as preservation recommendations for each category.

**Landlord's Guide to Cohoes**

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors - "Amanda's Law"
-See Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips & Safety Flyer Below-

New York State recently passed legislation requiring Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors in all new and existing residential buildings, and institutions. Called “Amanda’s Law” the legislation takes effect February 22, 2010. Amanda’s Law requires that all dwelling units have at least one CO detector; battery operated devices suffice in existing buildings, but new buildings must install either plug-in or wired detectors. If applied to an apartment building, one CO detector should be placed outside the bedrooms in each unit.  

Another CO detector should be placed near the potential source of CO if it is on a different floor than the sleeping units. Usually, the source of CO is in the basement where the heating equipment is located. Therefore, a CO detector is required in the basement as well. There is one Exception: Compliance with this section is not required where no carbon monoxide source is located within or attached to the structure. However, compliance with this section is required if any carbon monoxide source is subsequently located within or attached to the structure.


Some residents have been confused by the wording of the legislation – one CO detector in each dwelling unit or sleeping unit. The “sleeping unit” requirement would only apply to institutions. The definitions section clarifies: “The term ‘sleeping unit’ means a room or space in which people sleep, which can also include permanent provisions for living, eating, and either sanitation or kitchen facilities but not both. Such rooms and spaces that are also part of a dwelling unit are not sleeping units.


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