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Library Policies & Activities  
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 Library Cards
Borrowing Library Materials

 Computer and Internet Policy

Patrons may apply for a library card by presenting identification, including current address (drivers license, check book, ID plus current bill) and filling out a registration form. Children up to grade 8 need signed permission from a parent or guardian to obtain a card.

The Cohoes Public Library is part of the Upper Hudson Library system which includes all the public libraries from Albany and Rensselaer counties. Cards from those libraries can be used to borrow materials from here.  Your Cohoes card can be used in those libraries.  Material may be returned to any member library.

One Library card will be issued per person. Please inform the library immediately of any change in address or phone number. If your card is lost or stolen, please notify the library as quickly as possible. Please note the following important points:

* You must present your library card to take out materials.
* You may not use someone else's card and they may not use yours
* A fee of $1.00 will be charged to replace a card.
* You are responsible for all materials checked out on your library card.

Most materials in the library circulate for 4 weeks, except new adult fiction and books on tape, which circulate for 2 weeks. Videos and DVDs circulate for 1 week (7days) and can only be borrowed by those 18 years of age or older. Children are not permitted to borrow items on a parent’s card and parents must be present to check out videos or DVDs. Only 3 videos or DVDs may be borrowed at a time and they may NOT be renewed.

Everything else may be renewed up to 2 times unless they have been requested by another patron.



The Cohoes Public Library is pleased to be able to offer computer and Internet services to the community. Patrons will be able to access a vast array of information for all ages and interests. This library policy is for the management of computer data networks and the resources they make available, as well as stand-alone computers that are owned by the Cohoes Public Library (CPL). It specifies the Library’s objectives in providing computing resources for public use, and the responsibilities assumed by the users of such resources.

General Policy

The Cohoes Public Library is committed to providing patrons with access to the latest available technology. The internet, a global network of electronic resources both educational and recreational, is the newest technology available. Given the constantly changing nature of the Internet and the lack of any governing body, there may be occasions when information accessed is of a controversial nature. While it is not the library's policy to censor any patrons use of material in any way, it is deemed inappropriate use of public computers in an open environment for any individual or group to access graphic material of a sexual or violent nature.
The Internet also contains some printed and visual material, which some parents may find inappropriate for their children. It is not the Library's place to decide what ideas a child should be exposed to, therefore, children under 18 years of age but over 8 years of age must have a permission slip signed by a parent to use the computers. Children 8 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to use the computers.


Cohoes Public Library will provide a computer or computers for the public to access both general computer services, such as word processing, and a variety of networked electronic resources, including databases (such as the library catalog and magazine indexes) and the internet.
Cohoes Public Library will provide these services to all patrons who provide a valid library card (card must be current and fine free)

Responsibilities of Users

Computer Users at Cohoes Public Library are responsible for following all guidelines, rules and regulations pertaining to computer use. Staff reserves the right to ask patrons to stop and /or leave the computer or the library at time.

Computer Use Guidelines

Computer users at the Cohoes Public Library:

Must refrain from illegal or unethical use of the internet
Must respect intellectual property by only downloading information or computer files with proper permission
Must respect the privacy of others
Must not misrepresent themselves, or attempt to gain unauthorized access either inside or outside the library
Must not alter, remove, copy, or damage configurations, software or hardware on library computers
May not install any software on library computers
Display of sexually explicit graphics is inappropriate for a public and open environment and is prohibited
Violations may result in suspension or loss of privileges to use the computer resources of the library. Any illegal activity involving the use of the library’s computers, including the Internet, will be subject to prosecution by the appropriate authorities.

Rules and Regulations

No food or Drink at the computers
Patrons may sign-up for ½ hour time periods, with a maximum of one hour per day
Patrons may only sign-up for one time slot per day
A Valid library card must be shown to sign-up
Patrons under 18 years of age must have permission slips signed by their parents on file at the library in order to go on an internet computer or sit with someone else at an internet computer.
Children 8 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
Only two people on the computer at any time
Patrons may download to a disk only
Printer use: $.10 per copy

The Cohoes Public Library charges the following fees for overdue materials: Videocassettes - $1.00 per day, maximum fine is $5.00. Other Materials - $.10 per day, maximum charge is $3.00 per item.

Lost or damaged items will be charged to the borrower at full list price.

Library borrowers with outstanding fines or overdues may not borrow other items until overdues are returned and fines are paid. Fines appearing on the computer owed to other libraries may be paid in Cohoes.  Lost items should be paid at the owning library if possible.  Patrons who receive overdue notices for items they have returned should contact the library as quickly as possible.

A variety of programs and activities are scheduled throughout the year for both children and adults. During the summer programs with different performers are scheduled every week as well as story time / craft hour for all ages. We also sponsor a summer reading program.  Computer classes are periodically scheduled and are also available on a one-on-one basis.  Story time  hours are also scheduled.  Contact the library for dates and times.

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